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Proud to support Cardano ecosystem for future decentralization in the crypto space. WAAUS was part of ITN pools and now live on mainnet.

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0.8% staking fee

Ticker: WAAUS

Pool ID: 78373839385285b7a61841de8b3802d539274ac0de16c3a0bf2fe877

Why us?

Full Transparency

Performance transparency.

Low Cost

0.8% variable fee


Monitoring 24/7.

Full Transparency

Our engineer of enthusiastic crypto provide information about the pool via telegram channel and also give latest update on Cardano development. Everyone is welcome to ask any questions.


Monitoring is in placed both automatically and manually to ensure availability and maximum performance. This to give the highest probability that the pool is able to submit a block to the blockchain without too much issue.


The pool is run with mindset to share knowledge and help everyone including other SPOs.



Blocks Produced


Long Term Expected ROA


Live Stakes

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About Us

We are from down under. The pool is created by an engineer who has been working in the software development industry for 10 years building robust and scalable solutions. We have multiple relays in US. Any enquiry, please join our channel Telegram.